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Oct 02, 2012 -- 10:08am

The Broncos blew out the Raiders 37-6 Sunday, getting back to .500 and answering a lot of questions (for at least a week) about the offense’s ability to have a quick start and the defense’s ability to stop the run and get off the field on third down. The Broncos scored 10 points in the first quarter, while the defense held Oakland to just 56 yards on the ground and only 1 of 12 third down conversions. If you put that all together, there’s a nice recipe for victory.

 As such, minor transgressions can be forgiven. Minor transgressions like the failed fake field goal attempt in the 2nd quarter. I guess failed is a kind description. This thing was an abomination. With the Broncos facing 4th and 1 at the Oakland 36, the strong-legged Matt Prater lined up for what would have been a 54 yard field goal, a distance Prater can easily handle. But no, a fake! Prater rolled to his left, and then lofted a duck up the field that was in the general direction (“intended for” is a little too generous here) of Broncos left guard Zane Beadles. Needless to say, Beadles did not make the catch, and the Raiders took over on downs.

 I’ve been using movie titles to give themes to my Broncos blogs all season. Any number of disaster movies would be appropriate here. But instead, I’ll go with the 1983 comedy classic “Trading Places” starring Dan Aykroyd and Eddie Murphy. Why “Trading Places?” I’ll let Peyton Manning explain: “I just kind of told them to maybe give ‘Manning to Stokley’ a chance, maybe before ‘Prater to Beadles.’ It’s one of the all-time great combinations, right? Kelly-Reed, Montana-Rice, Prater-Beadles, you know.”

 I saw Prater after the game and gave him some grief for throwing into double coverage. Prater disagreed. “I had one-on-one coverage!” he exhorted. OK, so the “quarterback” felt good about the throw. How did the “receiver” feel about this special teams nightmare?

 “If Matt just sticks that ball right on me, I think we have a completion,” Beadles told us on Monday’s show. “But he tried to float that ball up and overthrew me. My strength obviously is my size, being able to box a guy out. If he just put the ball on me we’d have no problem. Putting that thing up and getting me to run downfield is a little bit different story.”

 Wow. Even a left guard, a thankless in-the-trenches lifer who brings his lunch pale to work every day will go full-diva when he gets even the briefest of tastes of life as a receiver. Beadles sounded as through he was prepared. “I will say that it was very successful in practice all week.”

 To Zane’s credit, he’s realistic about his abilities. When I asked him what his rating would be as a receiver on Madden, he replied, “Probably like a 23.”

 Dan Aykroyd and Eddie Murphy traded places with hilarious results. I’d say pretty much the same thing about “Manning to Stokley” and “Prater to Beadles.”

 A chat with JaVale: I had what you might call a wide-ranging interview with Nuggets center JaVale McGee at media day Monday. JaVale has had an eventful offseason, signing a long-term deal with the Nuggets, cruising around Denver on his Segway, inviting his Twitter followers to lunch, and plenty of other JaVale McGee-style high jinx. I tried to make sure I covered it all.

 Nate Kreckman: JaVale, how much Segway-riding have you been doing around Denver?

 JaVale McGee: I was doing a lot until people started blasting me on Twitter and stuff. But I’ve been chilling on my Segway lately.

 NK: Talk about your Segway skills- does your height help your Segway ability or does it make it more difficult?

 JM: I have no idea. But I’m positive I’m one of the greatest Segway-ers ever to do it.

 NK: What about lunches on the 16th Street Mall? You’ve been trying to get people to come out, how is that going?

 JM: It’s going pretty good. One time I asked to go to Chipotle, but I was like around the corner, so I didn’t give people time to come. But one person came, so he got his Chipotle burrito.

 NK: Was that a good Chipotle party?

 JM: Yeah. That was my one-person Chipotle party.

 NK: JaVale, explain your tweeting style. You like to always re-tweet yourself and then tweet in all caps. It’s very unique. Why do you tweet like that?

 JM: I consider myself a trend-setter, so a long time ago I decided, I think it was like a couple months, four months ago, I decided I won’t tweet again, so all I’ll do is re-tweet. So I technically don’t tweet, I just re-tweet. I don’t know why I do all-caps. It just looks better to me.

 NK: Does that mean you’re tweeting loudly?

 JM: I know, people think I’m yelling at them, but I’m not.

 NK: As far as the re-tweet style, you only get 140 characters.  Does that decrease in the number of characters causes you to focus? Why do you do that?

 JM: It definitely makes me misspell words on purpose so I can shorten them. My handle is kind of big. What is it, like 12, 13 letters or numbers? So, I really have to shorten words out to make sure I get everything I have to say out.

 NK: Are you going to have any new pick-up line YouTube videos coming out any time soon? The fellas need help…

 JM: I was thinking about it, but I’m going to wait to at least the end of the season. I don’t want anybody to say it’s conflicting with my in-game performances or something like that.

 NK: Would that conflict with your in-game performance?

 JM: Not at all. But, you know how the media is. If I have a bad game, they’ll be like, “It’s because he’s making Pierre videos” and stuff like that, so I’ll just leave it alone until the season’s over.

 NK: In your opinion, is this just an example of haters hating?

 JM: That’s all it is. Haters hating.

 NK: JaVale, thank you.

 JM: No problem.

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