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Wilson, not Luck, leading Aqib Talib’s hypothetical franchise; Manning still best

Tuesday, September 23, 2014 9:05pm
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By Johnny Hart
Denver Broncos cornerback Chris Harris first dubbed Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson better than Indianapolis Colts gunslinger Andrew Luck.
Now his fellow Kansas Jayhawk Aqib Talib is agreeing.
The Broncos cornerback told Nate Kreckman and Denver Post columnist Benjamin Hochman during his weekly radio show –– Tuesdays with Talib –– that if he was starting a franchise, he’d chose Wilson over Luck.
“If I was a GM, and I was starting a franchise, I might go Russell Wilson,” Talib said.
The defensive back said he didn’t want to take anything away from Luck, calling hims a “great quarterback,” but as of that moment he chose Wilson’s athleticism and ball protection.
“Tomorrow I might wake up and think Luck,” Talib said. “Not taking anything away from Luck. He’s a great quarterback. But as of right now I’ve got to go Russell.”
Luck and Wilson will always be tied together through their draft class in 2012, but Talib said the best quarterback he’s faced, which he doesn’t have to now on Sundays, is no contest: Peyton Manning.
“We see him every day for maybe two periods. We’ve seen him for the whole camp. And, man, he puts those balls in places that nobody else can put them in,” Talib said.


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